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Easily store huge amounts of data and simplify your application development
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Why choose Arzen?

Ultra secure

Your files are encrypted using a key that only you know before being sent to the cloud, making them invisible to the rest of the world.


Data is replicated on two separate hosting companies to ensure very high availability.

S3 compatible API

We developed our API so that existing AWS S3 compatible applications and tools can be used with Arzen.

No commitment

By default, Arzen subscriptions are without commitment. With Arzen, stay as free as a bird.


By choosing Arzen, you are choosing a French cloud that is GDPR compliant and respects the privacy of its users.


(excl. taxes)

Pay as you go

Pricing details

Included features :

  • High fault tolerance thanks to double data replication (99.999% SLA)
  • 272 different replications available among 5 partner hosts (OVHcloud, Orange Business Services, Wasabi Cloud and Filebase), 17 geographic locations in 9 countries
  • Several levels of support available

Pricing details :

Hosts Storage price (€ /GB /m) Outgoing tranfers price (€ /GB)
Filebase 0.008 0.008
OBS 0.027 Free
OVH 0.015 0.015
Scaleway 0.015 0.015
Wasabi 0.011 Free

Quick integration into your IS
and your applications

Arzen can be used with all the tools that support S3 storage like the backup solutions Veeam, Commvault, Iperius Backup and devlopement tools like the AWS SDK.

This saves you time in the development of your applications and you can take advantage of Arzen storage while keeping your favorite tools.

pc nas api s3 mountainduck
galaxie arzen au centre de filebase et wasabi

The power of multi-cloud

Arzen has joined forces with several leaders in the cloud computing field to offer you a wide range of offers capable of meeting all your needs, even the most demanding!

Replicate your data between two datacenters of the same hosting service, or between two hosting services, in different countries or continents, or between centralized storage in datacenter and decentralized storages like Sia and Storj.

The sky is the limit!

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