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Protect employees data against loss, theft, tampering and ransomwares
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Why choose Arzen?

Ultra secure

Your files are encrypted using a key that only you know before being sent to the cloud, making them invisible to the rest of the world.

Easy to use

Protect your confidential documents and share them with your partners in a few clicks and in complete security.


Data is replicated on two separate hosting companies to ensure very high availability.

S3 compatible API

We developed our API so that existing AWS S3 compatible applications and tools can be used with Arzen.

No commitment

By default, Arzen subscriptions are without commitment. With Arzen, stay as free as a bird.


By choosing Arzen, you are choosing a French cloud that is GDPR compliant and respects the privacy of its users.

Pricing for businesses

(excl. taxes)



no credit card needed

3 users
5 GB of storage per user


per user, per month, billed annually

€14.99 billed monthly

1000 GB of storage per user

Included features :

  • High fault tolerance thanks to double replication between data center storage and blockchain (99.999% SLA)
  • Free and unlimited downloads
  • End-to-end encryption with AES and 256-bit keys (E2EE)
  • Zero Knowledge Interactive Proof (ZKIP)
  • Folder tree ofuscation
  • Encrypted, password protected confidential file sharing
  • GDPR compliant
  • Windows, Mac and Linux desktop app for everyday use
  • S3-Compatible API for advanced uses (mounting Arzen storage as drive, NAS backups, etc)
  • Several levels of support available

Available on
PC and NAS

For the daily work of employees, we developed a desktop application compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

For technicians, Arzen can be used with tools compatible with S3 such as MountainDuck and backup softwares built into NAS.

pc nas api s3 mountainduck
galaxie arzen au centre de filebase et wasabi

The power of multi-cloud

Arzen has joined forces with several leaders in the cloud computing field to meet all your needs, even the most demanding!

Your data is replicated between Wasabi Cloud (in the Amsterdam datacenter) and Filebase (on the decentralized Sia network) offering exceptional reliability and availability quaranteed to 99.999%

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