Secure and
scalable multicloud
data storage

Future-proof your data.
Proven data privacy.
Ransomware protection.

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Exclusive Features

Much more than a simple cloud!


Native compatibility with all AWS S3-compatible tools.


Your files are protected against the #1 threat: ransomware.


Choose in detail where and how your data is stored.


We guarantee an availability rate up to 99.999%.

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Storage space 50 GB 200 GB 1000 GB Unlimited
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Data protection
Data encryption
Secure sharing
Ransomware protection
GDPR compliant
Administration of storage spaces
Managing access and permissions
Choice of data location
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Innovative Multicloud ROC Architecture

Your data always accessible

Replicate your data between the hosts of your choice among our 8 partners for a total of 31 locations in 13 different countries.

Benefit from two exclusive advantages:

  • - Your data remains accessible even when a provider suffers a failure, a cyberattack or any other incident since you are no longer dependent on a single provider
  • - Access to your data is guaranteed at 99.999% compared to 99.9% of most competitors. This means that on average your data is unavailable for less than 5 minutes per year compared to 8 hours with our competitors

At Arzen, you no longer have to fear the unavailability or the loss of data.

Store and share your files securely

Your files and their transfers are encrypted with a unique key. You and your recipient are the only ones who can consult them.

Our open-source application allows you to check for yourself the confidentiality of your data. No need to trust us, we are completely transparent.

Simplify the management of your documents

Create personal spaces, shared spaces and access documents the same way as with a hard drive.

Easily develop secure applications

With the AWS SDK, you can easily interact with Arzen secure storage. You save time in development and you increase the data security of your applications effortlessly!

Back up all your devices

Thanks to our S3-compatible API, back up your workstations, NAS, servers, virtual machines, containers and even your Office 365 data directly on Arzen with Veeam, Commvault or Acronis, leaders in backup.


What our users say about us

Frequently asked questions

Arzen is a startup founded in February 2021 in Rennes, France by three cloud computing experts from Orange Cloud for Business.

Arzen specializes in data security and offers individuals and businesses ultra secure online storage.

Arzen replicates its users' data with several leading data hosting companies to ensure very high availability and protects files against threats using several advanced techniques including:
 - End-to-end encryption
 - Tree camouflage
 - File immutability
 - Encrypted file sharing

You can access Arzen online storage in two ways:
 - Through the free downloadable desktop application above
 - Via the S3 interface and the tools that support it load (Veeam / Commvault / Acronis backup software, CyberDuck / MountainDuck clients, AWS SDKs, etc.).

To help you choose the location of your data, we have written a special article on our blog: read the article.

You will find concrete examples as well as advices.

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They support us

The Arzen startup is incubated at Emergys Bretagne through the Poool in Rennes and at the Villa Atlantique in Orange. The project is also supported by OVHcloud through its Startup Program.