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N°1 in customizable secure multi-cloud in France. End-to-end encryption. Very high availability. No commitment.

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Much more than a simple cloud!


Only you have the encryption key for your files.


Your files are protected against the #1 threat: ransomware.


We guarantee an availability rate of 99.999%.


Save up to 60% compared to Amazon S3.

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Free trial for 14 days

Share your files securely

File transfers are encrypted with a unique key. Only you and your recipient can view them.

Simplify the management of your documents

Create personal spaces, shared spaces and access documents the same way as with a hard drive.

Back up all your devices

Thanks to our S3-compatible API, back up your workstations, NAS, servers, virtual machines, containers and even your Office 365 data directly on Arzen with Veeam, Commvault or Acronis, leaders in backup.

Unlock the potential of virtual infrastructures

Unlock the latest high availability, load balancing and fault tolerance technologies at a lower cost on your virtual clusters by mounting Arzen storage on your hypervisors. No need for expensive equipment!

App Interface

Simple user interface that users feel easy

Innovative Multi-cloud ROC Architecture

Replicate your data across the world

With the ROC for IT Experts offer, create storage spaces on a precise location or replicated between two locations of your choice among our 8 partner hosting providers (Exoscale, Filebase, Orange Business Services, 3DS OUTSCALE, OVHcloud, Scaleway, Wasabi and Z1 Storage) for a total of 31 locations in 13 different countries.

Offers for individuals and businesses automatically replicate data between the Sia decentralized storage (via Filebase) and the Amsterdam datacenter (Wasabi).

Become an Arzen reseller

Improve the security of your customers' data and increase your income effortlessly. Your customers benefit from a 3% discount on all their invoices and you receive 7% of sales excluding tax each month.


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They support us

The Arzen startup is incubated at Emergys Bretagne through the Poool in Rennes and at the Villa Atlantique in Orange. The project is also supported by OVHcloud through its Startup Program.

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Frequently asked questions

Arzen is a startup founded in February 2021 in Rennes, France by three cloud computing experts from Orange Cloud for Business.

Arzen specializes in data security and offers individuals and businesses ultra secure online storage.

Arzen replicates its users' data with several leading data hosting companies to ensure very high availability and protects files against threats using several advanced techniques including:
 - End-to-end encryption
 - Tree camouflage
 - File immutability
 - Encrypted file sharing

You can access Arzen online storage in two ways:
 - Through the free downloadable desktop application above
 - Via the S3 interface and the tools that support it load (Veeam / Commvault / Acronis backup software, CyberDuck / MountainDuck clients, AWS SDKs, etc.).

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